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Surgical Triage at Elizabeth Place


 Monday-Friday 9:00am. - 5:00 pm
        Phone:     937.660.3090

What is the STEP Center?
The STEP Center (Surgical Triage at Elizabeth Place) is a clinic where important
medical information about your health can be gathered before your surgery.

Your surgeon will use this information to make sure you are in optimal physical condition
before your scheduled surgery. Your Anesthesiologist will use this information to plan for
the type of Anesthesia you will receive.

The overall goal of this visit is to minimize your risks of
developing complications as a result of your procedure.

What should I bring to my appointment at the STEP Center?
Medication- an updated list of your medications including the medication name, dose in
milligrams, the number of pills you take and how often each day you take them. You may
bring your medication containers to your visit.

Doctors- a list of your doctors including your Primary Care Physician: Specialists such
as Cardiologists.
Prior Surgery- a list of any surgical procedures you may have had in the past.

What can I expect during my appointment at the STEP Center?
During your appointment, a healthcare provider will:

             Discuss your medical history
             Perform a physical exam
             Review tests ordered by your doctor
             Order any additional tests that may be necessary to make sure it is safe to
             proceed with your procedure.
             Discuss what medications you should or should not take prior to and
             immediately after your procedure.
             Answer questions you may have concerning The Medical Center at Elizabeth Place

What if an unstable medical condition is found and you are not ready for surgery?
Tests may show that an existing medical condition such as high blood pressure or
Diabetes is poorly controlled. Sometimes a simple problem like a cold can make surgery
less safe.
You may be asked to return to your family physician for treatment. Your surgeon
will be informed about any conditions that may require treatment before surgery.
Your surgeon can then decide whether surgery is right for you at this time.


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