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  Patient Price Transparency Updated: 1/1/2019
  In compliance with Ohio/federal law, Medical Center at Elizabeth Place is providing this price list for the most common gross charges related to: Room and Board, Operating/Procedure Rooms, Imaging, and Physical Therapy.
  Gross charges are the same for all patients, but an individual patient's net responsibility will vary depending upon contractual obligations with individual health payers.    
  For a quick explanation of gross charges/net reimbursement, please read the American Hospital Association (AHA) Fact Sheet here: Fact Sheet Hospital Billing Explained: Fact Sheet Hospital Billing Explained    
  Room/Board – Daily Charges

Private Room



  Operating Room (OR) Charges



  (Most Common)    
  General Operating/Procedure Room $1,563/day  
  PACU/Recovery Time Charge $990/hour $17/minute
  Anesthesia/Time Charge $601/hour $10/minute


  (Most Common)    
  CT Abdomen, no contrast $2,337  
  CT Abdomen, with contrast $2,401  
  CT Chest, no contrast $2,109  
  CT Chest, with contrast $2,423  
  CT Head/Brain, no contrast $1,699  
  CT Head/Brain, with contrast $1,955  
  MRI Brain, no contrast followed by with contrast $5,089  
  MRI Brain, no contrast $3,751  
  MRI Lower Extremity Joint, no contrast $5,005  
  MRI Cervical, no contrast $3,783  
  MRI Cervical, no contrast followed by with contrast $4,391  
  MRI Lumbar Spine, no contrast $3,434  
  MRI Shoulder, no contrast $3,489  
  Ultrasound, Abdomen, Limited $779  
  Ultrasound, Carotid $1,319  
  Ultrasound, Venous, Lower Extremity $1,705  
  X-ray, Abdomen, 1View $398  
  X-ray, Ankle, Complete, 3V, One Side $506  
  X-ray, Cervical Spine 4V $874  
  X-ray, Chest, Single View $539  
  X-ray, Chest, 2 Views $488  
  X-ray, Foot, Complete 3V, One Side $471  
  X-ray, Hand, 3V, One Side $422  
  X-ray, Hip, 2V, One Side $669  
  X-ray, Knee, 1V or 2V, One Side $335  
  X-ray, Lumbosacral Spine, 2V or 3V $858  
  X-ray, Shoulder, Complete 2V, One Side $544  
  Physical Therapy    
  (Most common)    
  Evaluation $541  
  Gait Training, 15 min. $144  
  Therapeutic Exercise, 15 min. $209  
  Therapeutic Activity, 15 min. $199  
  Manual Therapy, 15 min. $214  


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