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     The Medical Center at Elizabeth Place, which is located inside the former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Dayton, is a physician-owned hospital emphasizing patient-focused care. The 26-bed, four operating room hospital, which is owned by 60 area physicians, serves the greater Dayton community with the latest, most advanced medical procedures, including general surgery, orthopedics, GI, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, gynecology, neurosurgery and urology.

By opening this physician-owned hospital, we are helping to restore a longtime asset to the community. It is a return to healthcare as it used to be: personal, compassionate care in a patient-focused setting.


Do you need physical therapy?

      Are you limited in physical mobility due to surgery, work injury or accident, balance issues or vertigo?
       Do you suffer from tendonitis, whiplash or a sports injury?
       Individuals suffering from muscle weakness, sprains and strains, and posture issues can benefit from physical

     MCEP Physical Therapy Center will provide evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions including the following:

                           • Sports Injuries                                                                             • Foot and Ankle injuries/disorders
                           • Accident and work related injuries                                          • Sprains and Strains
                           • Pre surgery rehabilitation                                                          • Tendonitis and Overuse Syndrome
                           • Post-surgical rehabilitation                                                       • Muscle Imbalance and Weakness  
                           • Spine disorders, herniation                                                      • Postural Dysfunction and related disorders
                           • Neck pain/ Whiplash                                                                  • Balance/Vertigo/ BPShoulder injuries/disorders




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